This is last week's song ride - this is a song list only, the entries don't link to music files.


1. Faith - Yass (feat. Leslie O'Smith)

2. My Lovin' - Mike Newman (Mike Newman 2k18 Mix)

3. Antibiotic - Zombie Killers (Radio Edit)

4. DALE CINTURA (Kuliki) - Steve Aoki, Darell & Farina (feat. Play-N-Skillz, Kiko El Crazy & Tono Rosario)

5.  FEEL THE BEAT - Black Eyed Peas & Maluma

6.  Tomorrow - Tiesto (feat. 433)

7.  Cinema - Benny Benassi (feat. Gary Go)

8.  GIRL LIKE ME - Black Eyed Peas & Shakira

9.  Take Me To Church - Power Music Workout (Workout Mix)

10. Never Gonna Break My Faith - Aretha Franklin (feat. The Boys Choir of Harlem)

11. (cool down) HIM - Sam Smith

12. (outro) F**k They - Sofi Tukker (Benny Benassi & MazZz Remix Radio Edit)







Crunch (81st + 3rd) - 12:00pm





NYSC (91st + 3rd) - 6:30pm

NYSC (91st + 3rd) - 7:30pm





NYSC (Park & 59th) - 6:00pm





NYSC (City Hall) - 12:30pm





NYSC (36th & Madison) - 6:15pm






CRUNCH (E34th St.) - 6:30am





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Sickkk music. Best show in town.
Date of Posting: 21 March 2020
Posted By: Andrew Dong
My first spin class ever and it was extraordinary and outstanding! Amazingly spirited and motivational instructor! Play list was outstanding and had me dancing on my seat! Still smiling and inspired a day later.
Date of Posting: 26 September 2019
Posted By: Marc S
I take the NYSC 91st Ave classes on Monday nights and it is the best class at the gym. Also, the best playlists of all time! I look through the playlists after class on this site and use them to add to my other cardio workouts during the week. Also, these spin classes fly by with good music so I’m super appreciative! Awesome class! Thank you!!
Date of Posting: 21 May 2019
Posted By: Nicole
Mitch invited two dancers during a class and came up with a playlist where we could ride around them as they break danced in the middle of the room. As someone in the industry who goes to a lot of spin classes at a lot of studios, I can say with confidence it was a truly unique experience and frankly one of the best spin classes I've ever taken.

Overall Mitch comes across to me as one of the most knowledgable instructors in the city, though he won't necessarily go after and micromanage you. His music is fire and his class is just really fun. He makes me really enjoy the older bikes too.

Hesitate posting because I think I've got a secret gem with his classes in NYC, but it's the right thing to do.
Date of Posting: 12 November 2018
Posted By: Andrew D
Great class, great vibe. Mitch is The Godfather of spin. I recently had the honor of hearing a group named Wings Denied do a rendition of “Message in a Bottle.” Fantastic! Mitch’s son is the drummer for Wings Denied. These guys are fantastic. Check ‘em out.
Date of Posting: 30 August 2018
Posted By: Bob B.
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